A Keylight systems series: Microscopy LED light sources that fit your research (Ep 1)

Microscopy has been around for centuries and represents one of the greatest advances in the scientific community. The development of its fluorescent counterpart in the 20th century and recent break-throughs in this field have taken medicine and research into an unexplored level, with an array of possibilities that the brightest scientific minds in the past could not even imagine. While the core principle of fluorescent microscopy has remained the same since its invention, both the fluorescent labeling and light sources have been subject to much innovation.


Phoseon Technology and its committed group of engineers are proud to provide solutions for the fluorescent microscopy market with the new Keylight line. In this post we will focus on highlighting 4 key aspects that will bring an advantage to your lab and most importantly, to your research.  


  1. A compact design for easy integration: we know how precious bench space is and we don’t want to take any more than necessary. Keylight offers a small form factor (with dimensions = 16.00 cm x 14.00 cm x 16.00 cm; and weight < 9lb or < 5kg) without sacrificing on performance.
  2. Patented technology: at Phoseon, we are known for top product reliability, durability, and performance. All of our systems are engineered with patented Semiconductor Light Matrix (SLM) technology, which encapsulates LEDs, arrays, optics, and cooling. These components are engineered into high intensity solid state light engines that enable significant process improvements for fluorescence microscopy.
  3. Customizable and catered to your needs: we designed Keylight so it would be the best fit for your lab, and we have made sure of it by including your input into the product features. In this line, you can choose your desired output (LLG or fiber) and wavelength.
  4. Availability of IR sources: infrared light is increasing demand in the field and is needed for most top-notch research in the biomedical sciences. Keylight provides high quality infra-reds that will allow you to easily detect and see complex experimental data.

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