How KeyPro can be used for Vaccine Development

What is currently being used?

Current procedures for vaccine research often utilize gamma radiation to inactivate a virus while leaving host protein structures intact for further analysis like ELISAs. Unfortunately, gamma radiation technology is not widely available so scientists are required to use BSL3 level containment for research with live viruses. Other chemical methods exist to inactivate viruses but these also destroy protein structures. Developing a more user friendly and easily obtainable inactivation protocol for samples would save time, prevent the need to move amongst differing biosafety levels, and also allow more widely available samples for testing outside their current environment.

How does UV LED change things?

High intensity UV LED technology offers researchers the ability to inactivate viruses in serum/plasma for vaccine development. Whether the goal is to develop killed vaccines or study the structure of pathogens; UV LED is a safe, low-cost, durable, and precise option. Preliminary data indicate that high-intensity, precisely controlled ultraviolet light can be tuned to partially or completely inactivate viruses with minimal to no damage of recognition host protein structures.

What has UV LED shown already in pathogen disinfection?

Pathogen Disinfection UV LED successfully inactivates Influenza A (virus), Clostridium difficile (spores), Aspergillis brasiliensis (mold), and Staphylococus aereus (bacteria), just to name a few. UV LED inactivation of microorganisms assures that surfaces are disinfected without the chemicals and time-consuming rinsing. In addition, using Phoseon’s advanced technology, significant levels of disinfection are reached in each of these organisms in under 3 minutes, sometimes in under 5 seconds!


What makes KeyPro Technology different?

Phoseon Technology is the first to develop a UV LED system that surpasses 5 W/cm² at 275nm, significantly higher than the levels reached previously by other LED systems, and surpassing many other technologies in the market by an order of magnitude. This milestone development enables users to utilize UV LED systems where they were prohibited in the past. Phoseon is trailblazing a new path by building high-performance UV LED systems that bring improved disinfection capability to various processes. 


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