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Innovative LED Curing Technology Blog

Pushing the Boundaries of UV LED Technology

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Advancements in UV LED Inks

October 08, 2019

UV curing is a photopolymerisation process that uses UV energy to change a liquid to a solid. Upon absorption of the UV energy, the photoinitiator (Pl) produces free radicals, which initiate cross-linking with binders (monomers and oligomers) in a […]

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Patented Fiber Optic Curing Technologies Uses UV LED Light Sources to Cure Protective Glass Fiber Coatings

January 24, 2019

Phoseon Technology announced that it has been granted US Patent No. 10,175,103 - “Method and System for Monitoring Ultraviolet Light for a Fiber Cure System.”The granting of this patent marks an important milestone of 300 patents awarded and applied […]

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Packaging printing is the next opportunity for UV LED technology.

December 12, 2018

UV LED curing continues to grow at a rapid pace, with broad usage across digital inkjet printing, adhesives and coatings. As it moves further into the more traditional printing processes of flexographic and screen-printing, the UV LED ecosystem is […]

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