Solid State Solutions Based on Science

Solid State Solutions Based on Science

Pushing the Boundaries of UV LED Technology

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Are your pipettes clean? What the data shows

June 10, 2020

Previous research has shown that KeyProTM (Phoseon Technology) rapidly and reliably decontaminates laboratory pipetman (1, 2). The unanswered question is, how necessary is this decontamination? Here we present a quantification of the contamination […]

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Phoseon Technology Introduces New UV LED Solutions and Expands its Life Sciences Market Reach

July 19, 2019

Known as a pioneer in UV LED solutions, Phoseon’s focus on customer collaboration has resulted in a world-wide market leadership position.

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How LEDs Emit Light

May 03, 2018

A pictorial example of an LED’s construction is shown in Figure 1: LED Construction. Simply put, an LED is a solid-state device that produces light when an electrical current is allowed to flow from the positive (anode) side of the circuit to the […]

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Introduction to Phoseon SLM™ Technology

April 30, 2018

Introduction to Phoseon Semiconductor Light Matrix (SLM)™ Technology

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