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Innovative LED Curing Technology Blog

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UV LED Curing Solutions for Fiber Optics

June 08, 2020

Phoseon Technology’s Fiber Curing System consists of a high intensity UV LED light source, which cures the coatings protecting the glass fibers, along with a patented Fiber Reflector Unit (FRU) to direct the UV energy uniformly around the […]

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UV LED Curing Solutions for Carton Windowing Adhesives

June 01, 2020

Windowing is the process of applying a clear film or window to a carton for the purposes of viewing the contents inside the carton. This window is applied in a high speed process where the carton is passed through and a pattern adhesive is applied […]

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UV LED Curing Solutions for Printed Electronics Applications

May 26, 2020

UV LED curing technology is a great fit for printed electronics in applications such as conformal coatings, display coatings and adhesives.

UV LED offers significant advantages over traditional UV curing for printed electronics, including less […]

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UV LED Curing for Touch Screen Manufacturing

May 18, 2020

Discover UV LED curing and its many benefits for bonding and coating applications in the touch screen manufacturing segment. UV LED curing technology provides a more consistent and reliable process without damaging or discoloring heat-sensitive […]

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UV LED Curing for Cast and Curing™ Decorative Film

May 11, 2020

LED Light Sources Proven to Lower Costs

Breit Technology’s cast and curing™ decorative film is a cost-effective alternative to cold foil to create dazzling and eye-catching holographic effects for labels and product packaging. 3D holographic images […]

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UV LED Curing for Cold Foil Printing

May 06, 2020

LED Light Sources for Faster Curing Speeds on Sensitive Substrates

Cold Foil Printing has benefited greatly from the use of UV LED technology over traditional UV curing. Printers are upgrading rapidly to UV LED Cold Foil packages for many process […]

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